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Phenolic Laminate

Ogaan Laminate has a pool of excellent support and crafting team of professionals who manufacture and export Phenolic Laminate sheets. These Phenolic Laminate sheets are made up from different weights of woven cotton fabric that have been treated with specially formulated phenolic resins. Ogaan Laminates avail phenolic laminate sheets in different types of color, and sizes which can be widely used in diverse industries, and commercial places. Our Phenolic Laminate sheets owing feature such as fine finish, excellent durability and light weight. We have standard stock of phenolic laminated sheets which includes cotton fabric reinforced phenolic, paper reinforced phenolic, linen cotton fabric reinforced phenolic and many more. Ogaan Laminate is new into the market but we use cutting-edge technologies and special resin materials to manufacture finest quality of Phenolic Laminates that we offer at very reasonable prices.

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