Decorative Plywood

Decorative Plywood Is: 1328

Ogaan Laminates leaves a signature of its own. An important feature of this decorative plywood is that the look and feel is rich and full of glamour. Its superior finish of the surface gives the plywood, a natural edge over all the others in creating a classical and functional interior that emanates from the true depth of the imagination.
Ogaan has adapted the beauty of eye-catching designs to the versatility of the Indian creative market with exotic wood grains, unique pastels, vivid designs, textures, and a superb decorative collection. Our diversified selection of finishes is unsurpassed.
Ogaan Laminates has set a quality benchmark in the interior designing industry. Ogaan Lam offers some of the finest grade compact and durable laminates in India. Laminates are resilient and flexible products with unlimited potential in the interior. We have got a beautiful manufacturing structure that is undoubtedly world-class.


Technical Specifications:

Test Requirement of IS:1328 Test Result
Moisture Content 5-15 % 6-10%
Water Resistance Test Three cycles of 3 hour

at 60±2°c

in water and drying

at 65±2°c

For 8 hours

No Delamination
Torn grain,

Dead knots



and sap wood

Open Split,

Checks, open


Free from such defect

not more than

150mm in length and

0.5mm in width

rectified with Veneer

insert bonded

with synthetic resin


Pass Standard